Kurgan 0.4.0 Release

With the latest 0.4.0 release of Kurgan we’ve introduce some new functionality and improved some existing as as well as added documentation to the readme.

Inspect CfHighander Project

You can now inspect a cfhighlander.rb file and show any pined versions and what the latest version of those components are

Extend a Component in a Project

Kurgan will now generate the files necessary to extend a component in a project.

Discovering Components

Kurgan improves the way it lists components by using the github api to discover components in the one stack as well as adding functionality to search for a specific component show it’s released versions.

Generating Component Tests

Recently we have been adding spec tests to components in the one stack to test and validate generated template from cftests. Kurgan now has the ability to generate the spec files by reading the generated template and converting it into spec tests.

For help and usage of these new features and existing ones checkout the improved documentation in Kurgan’s repository