Bearse Feature Audit Manager

Setup AWS Audit Manager With Bearse

AWS Audit Manager continuously audits your AWS environment to simplify how you assess risk and compliance with regulations and industry standards, more information on Audit Manager can be found here. We can now setup AWS Audit Manager across all AWS accounts with Bearse to simplify the configuration and management while following AWS best practices.

The feature will deploy Audit Manager into an AWS account with all the configuration options defined within, allowing for quick, simple and repeatable deployments. An additional Admin Account stack can be deployed from within the feature which will move the Administration rights of Audit manager from the root account to defined account. This ensure the root account does not need to be accessed to work with Audit Manager bolstering security and keeping with AWS security best practice. Key benefits of the Audit Manager bearse feature include:


The Audit Manager Bearse Feature can be deployed into any AWS account with no pre-setup steps. It can be deployed in different configurations depending you the account structure:

  1. Deployed and managed in separate individual accounts
  2. Deployed into a multi account structure and collect findings in a centralized security account

For a more detailed explanation and configuration specifications please refer to Bearse Feature documentation.

For more details on AWS Audit Manage checkout the AWS documentation.